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EES program for building a crash damage database.

The EES program is a program to manage all your test vehicle images in relation to their Equivalent Energy Speed. EES makes it possible to add new and renew existing images and videos of EES test cases from all kinds of sources which can be searched in a very simple way. Your images and videos can be grouped in different libraries and data can be exported and imported which makes it easy to exchange your own data with other people.
For everyone who want to work better with damage pictures and data.
If you are interested in the  program, give by email ( your message and we send you information.
The program with filled-in database is 242 euro (included 21% TAX/VAT).
Contact us for information about EES data or send us the pictures and data of your own case to examine / estimate the EES value.
You prefer a try out version first? That is possible too!
If you want that, give us a message with your company name and the message: "Try out EES"
Your email will have a reply from us include:
1. installation instructions;
2. User manual;
3. Execute file of the EES program; (Renewed installation and migration of old data available for old Program users)
4. a small EES database file with some pictures to try out the EES program;

5. license for 3 months.
If you have received that all and your installation is succesfull:
Input the licence key for 3 months free working with the program. The licence will be include in the package.
If you are pleased with the working of the program and want to receive a licence for a long time, send us your message with your compagny data and TAX/VAT number.
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